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Why do all of my magazines come at the same time? *eyes teetering stack of new arrivals* Real Simple and Better Homes and Gardens, this weekend - which is good because docorion gave me his first copy of Dwell (He just subscribed) so we can pick out some architectural elements for the kitchen/bathroom work. Which is, realistically, going to be gradual... but we are beginning to formulate our plan. (Which begins with flooring and with painting the currently-wallpapered walls.) (EDIT: I need a separate LJ or a community to store plan-stuff, links and whatnot, so it doesn't get lost in my everyday Stuff. Need a title. Their house has a name, but docorion says that we're renaming it for the five of us, which I said wasn't necessary, but he wants to do it, so. That will be nifty. I'm trying to remember if I've ever lived in a named house before. I don't think I have.)

Related new catalog arrival: Pottery Barn.

Unrelated magazines: Bitch, Entertainment Weekly.

Unrelated catalogs: Um. A lot. Including the big JCPenney and Office Depot ones. I guess Office Depot belongs up there... not for remodeling, but possibly for furnishings. docorion has a desk to give me. I don't know what else I'll need.

I'm leaving behind the desk I brought here from Florida. Forsaking it for a sassy new corner desk. In teak. Don't judge me.

There will be a yard sale. Oh yes.

docorion will be here on Friday. Yes, I just left him yesterday, and he'll be here on Friday. :) This trip wasn't about me and him - it was about Adam. So while I did have docorion-time, it was not My docorion-Time For The Month. So. :) I should read those magazines so I can discuss flooring with him. :)
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