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I love it here.

So much.

Not just for the sex. :)

Today was a wonderful rambly day: docorion showing Adam and I (me for the second time) around Malden, then all of us taking the T to Harvard Square. We met up with ayalanya and mgrasso and spent gods know how long going "Ooooh, shiny!" in Pandemonium Books and, after mgrasso's departure (sad!), Newbury Comics and an anime store. Then catching up with beowabbit for Japanese, wandering some more, having chocolate espresso mochi for my pre-dessert, and ending up at Finale for our real dessert, where we got a really hot waitress who maybe flirted back...

Just a great day. An all-around wonderful day. I have not been able to stop grinning all day.

I love it here. I love the people, the places, and the things. All of the nouns.

I'm gonna go love some verbs now. :) And then get some wonderful sleep. :)
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