Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
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Places You Haunt

I nutshelled! Go me!

Read: I was able to describe Places You Haunt - the Tam Lin aspect, at least - to mgrasso in very brief!

So. Here.

Places You Haunt is told through the viewpoint of Sara, who's lived in Vegas for four years and become a best friend to Doodle and a mother figure to his adopted daughter, Kaylin - the birth-daughter of my seven-years-dead Janet and Tam Lin characters.

Seven years. Which means the time for the tithe is coming 'round again.

Sara knew life around here was weird, but not *how* weird - not until Doodle's old friends, the people who were *there* seven years ago and fled in defeat and disgrace, start returning, and through them she starts piecing together what happened.


It's also my examination of how stories, legends, begin; how people retroactively become heroes; the nature of story and cycles and the under-magic of things and places.

I should bring the story-so-far on the plane and see if I get sparked to wander some more in that world.

My problem: I have too many stories all competing for the front burner...
Tags: fiction, places you haunt
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