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Odin's Day

A Special Birthday Notice
Today would have been tx_db8r's 21st birthday.

To donate money to catvalente's Blog-A-Thon in her memory, please click here.

Thank you.

Other Administration
Happy birthday to enderfem, silme, wcg, and ysabel!

Hello to new readers frameshot and richneps!

Bad meds day; the exhaustion is profound, and I'm a bit stumbly and brainweird.

docorion: "So I'm looking at architectural magazines. We're going to have to review these together, pick out stuff to do when we remodel the kitchen and bathroom."
Me: "Mmm. Floor needs to be redone. Pergo?"
docorion: "Not waterproof. I like tile..."
Me: "Grout-cleaning's a bitch."
docorion: "Stone?"
Me: "Cold in winter..."
docorion: "Not if we get radiant heating installed underneath."
Me: "Ohhhhh."
docorion: "You like that, huh?"
Me: "Ohhhh, yeah. Bathroom, too?"
docorion: "If I can afford to get it done simultaneously? Bathroom, too."
Me: "Ohhhh, honey..."

And now you know how to get me all squirmy. Talk remodeling and redocorating to me.

Have you felt heated floors? Oh, man.

*ahem* Sorry.

But yeah. Today's chore: sorting my remodeling/redecorating file, pulling the kitchen/bathroom stuff to bring up to Boston tomorrow.

EDIT: Speaking of which...

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