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Tew's Day

Happy birthday to misshallelujah, mycroftca, and raptorgirl!

Hello to new readers emohdee, wuduaelfen, never1eighty, and upstart_crow! (Gosh. Did I get interesting all of a sudden?)

Exhaustion + nausea. So did not want to get up. *rueful grin* Some coordination issues.

Really, I'm just hoping for a good weekend, medically. I have Plans, you know. Some of them are Fiendish, even.

Remember, Blog-A-Thon 2005 is being held by catvalente in memory of tx_db8r! Please click here for details/to donate. Those of you who wanted to blog along in shifts, please comment here so we can work that out. I want this to be a Mega Event. :)

The Library
DocOrion: "There was a book of yours that I desperately want to read more of..."
Me: "Aren't you glad all my books are moving up there?"
DocOrion: "Oh, yes. Darling? Love of my life? The sex is wonderful. The sex is amazing. But I'm really moving you up here for the books."

Best SF/F library in three states, he says. And he fell in love with the nonfiction, too.

It's a three-story house. The entire second story, barring bedrooms, kitchen, and bathroom, will be The Library.

We're hardcore.

And yes, we'll have overflow. Miss Kid's books will be in her room. Cookbooks in the library. Adam's forensics reference books in his office. Et cetera.

And that's after ruthlessly weeding the collection last year...
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