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Blogathon, baby.

The fantastic catvalente has taken up the standard for me, blogging in memory of tx_db8r! As tx_db8r died of complications from MS, the charity is The National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

She says: The journal for the event is theleechchild. In it, I will be writing, for 24 hours, a kind of prose-poetry novellette, dealing with the Leech-Child, a shadowy, salamander-like figure in Japanese myth who was born to the first gods as a punishment for woman having spoken first of all the creatures in the world. Abandoned in the heavens, there is little record of what befell this poor, unwanted god. And that's where I come in.

A $1 donation gets you onto the filter, but of course, larger donations are welcome. I'm trying to think of fun little incentives for donation levels, but I'm drawing a blank, so I pleadingly encourage you to suggest things you'd like to have in the comments. The single person who donates the most money will receive a lovely little bundle of all of my published books to date, signed, for your reading pleasure.

Since there is no official event the donation process is as follows: go here and fill out all the fields to donate. Enter "Liz Shappee" (tx_db8r) in the tribute/memorial field. Then forward me your receipt ( and you're on the filter. Fairly straightforward and easy. If you want to donate but need a little extra time, let me know--I'll trust you and put you on the filter. Any questions?

Please pimp this as much as you can in your blogs--there are only two weeks till the event so there is not all that much time to raise funds. I would like this, for Liz's be my best Blogathon to date. I'm still doing the August one as well (that journal is inannagoesdown) but this one, for obvious reasons, is special.

See catvalente's LJ here for more details and to suggest incentives. Donate! Every dollar counts. Whether you can donate or not, pimp the hell out of this.

I will also be doing some posts during the BlogAThon - I think museumfreak, zarhooie, and rosefox are joining in in shifts as well, yes? And zarhooie and I will both be offering incentives - her in icons, me in story. But the core BlogAThon, the allnighter, is catvalente.

Go, Cat, go! And thank you. :)
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