Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Otherwise? Good day.

Rested. Still wiped out...

Important to note that this was a failure of the patient, not necessarily the medicine; we went out to breakfast this morning, and I'd forgotten to pack my medicine. (But I had all 5 food groups - meat, veggies, grains, dairy, and coffee!)

And since I had energy, we decided to run errands.

Reason for having energy, of course, being lack of medication.

We got lots done, at least, and got good stuff; I got three pairs of shoes for under $25. Total, not each. And Adam got slippers, and I got Happy Bunny panties. And we got two Popular Mechanics for Kids DVDs ($7!) for Elayna to watch on her way back up to Atlanta, because I know my parents are going to have that fucking DVD player on the whole trip, because gods forbid they should provide the child with reading time when there's a TV in the vicinity. So if she's going to be watching DVDs anyway, she can watch cool stuff about marine biology and bugs.

Yes, yesterday was payday. Why do you ask?

And we bought Max his birthday gift. Which was not another cat. Despite the fact that it's *tradition* now to buy him a little brother for his birthday. And they had a big black cat who was blind in one eye at the Pet Supermarket adoption center. Named One-Eyed Willie.

One-Eyed Willie.

How can you not get a cat named One-Eyed Willie?

Anyway. Adam refused. Because Adam is mean. Then Movie Trading Company, then seizure, then home.

Got Mars Attacks, though. Yay. :)

And I got to talk to Elayna. :) She's practicing her flute every day, and being good, and enjoying camp. And reading one of the books penmage sent her. She really enjoys her time down there... I enjoy my freedom while she's there, but I do miss her like crazy. I just want to gather her up into my arms and squeeze her.

Brain's still a little slow, so that's all for now, I guess.

EDIT: And I remind myself that this is okay. That it's okay to still be confused. That it's okay that my back hurts and I'm tired. I don't have to fight it today. A huge thing happened to my brain, and it's okay to not be okay right away. That is not how the body is designed. It's okay.
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