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Are you going to be living with DocOrion in Boston? Are you not going to have to work?
Yup. docorion and beowabbit have a three-story, potentially three-family house. Their original idea for the house was essentially this: big family co-housing thingie. So this pleases them. And, well, living with me pleases docorion (and, to a lesser degree, beowabbit; I'm not schtupping beowabbit, is why the lesser degree). :) Three stories = plenty of room for all for grownups and one kid!

As for not-working - docorion says "Writing is your job." So I will not be working outside the home, no - but I shan't be lounging about eating bonbons, either! docorion is giving me the opportunity to treat writing like a job, instead of something that I do when I have time when I get home from my paying-job if I'm not too tired or brainfoggy.

I am... incredibly grateful. Beyond the power of words to express it.

What scares you?
The idea of anything bad happening to Elayna. A pat answer, but a true one.

What's your favorite flavor ice cream?
Chocolate cinnamon. From Jake's. So yummy. I also like pumpkin, from Brusters.

So are ya gonna come to our housewarming party or what? Did you get the evite?
I did! Thanks! I dooooon't know. I might actually be in Boston that weekend (docorion's birthday) - if my parents aren't still in town from bringing Miss Kid back up, and if I can swing it. If I'm in town, I'll see if I can get a ride from Karla and 'gnome... I shall let you know as schedules solidify!

::Grin:: How kinky do you think that I am?
I dunno. Come down here and show me. :)

What one career other than writing do you think you'd enjoy?
There are careers other than writing? *blink* *blink*

No, seriously - social work.

What are your plqans after school is completed?
I'm not in school...

How do you keep yourself focused and organized?
Um. I pretty much don't. Heh.

Examples that I can address directly?

I can't think of a way to word this better so here goes: Why/How do you believe that your relationship with Docorion doesn't take something away from Adam? (not judging just trying to understand)
The easy answer: Because Adam says it doesn't.

The standard answer: It's like having more than one child. Having a second child doesn't mean you love the first one any less.

Otherwise... it's a very different relationship. Picture a Venn diagram with minimal overlap. And the guys are fine sharing the overlap - better than any of my partners have ever been before, actually. They feel like family.

How do I tell people (like my mother) that I've started a polyamorous bisexual relationship?
...I submit this one to the group, as I have not figured it out yet, being closeted still as regards my parents...

EDIT: This is not my question. This is a question a reader asked me, that I'm requesting group input on.
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