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Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 20?
In Boston. No, seriously - in ten years. Hm. Elayna will be in college. I see myself as being a lot more settled; I'm hoping to grow some roots...and, y'know, the writing thing, of course. :)

In twenty? I'm hoping to be a grandma. A kickass writerchick grandma. What? Elayna will be 30. That's old enough to give me a grandbaby.

What are next weekend's winning Powerball numbers?
4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.

What is your favorite *natural* scent?

how old are you?

Of all the stereotypes people place on you, what is your least favourite? Your favourite?
I don't have a favorite. I don't like stereotypes; I don't like people seeing a face that they impose upon me, rather than seeing me.

And they do. A lot. I don't like the Celebrity thing. docorion says that it's part of my job, and I guess it is, but... I don't like it that people think I'm that far different. Or that I might think I'm better than them. Sometimes they think I'm better than them. Just because of numbers on a screen. Sometimes I want to slap people: "Snap out of it!"

I guess what I hate is that, because of the Celebrity thing, I don't feel Real to some people.

Would you ever consider having a serious relationship with another woman? Of course this would require you being well enough to have the energy to devote to an additional partner, etc.

Yes. I've never had a primary relationship with another woman, not yet - but I see no reason why I wouldn't, given time and energy.

what is your fondest childhood memory?
Remind me to answer in a separate post. Must think on this.

If it's not too rude or invasive, how long have you had epilepsy.
I was diagnosed in October 2003 - but the more we read about it, the more my parents and I are convinced that I've had it since I was a little kid. Explains a lot. But yes - theory is that I'd been having simple and complex partials all this time, but it too the stress of that time to give me the massive seizures that even I noticed...

What are you doing the first week of August?
Not sure when my parents are bringing Elayna back. It's sometime around then.

Do, you know why i find your LJ very intresting?
No - why?

Ask me more!
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