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Blogathon News


Okay, so I announced yesterday that I was physically unable to stay up all night to do a proper Blogathon, but still wanted to fundraise. Some of you had some really excellent ideas.

We have a winner...

catvalente has offered to dedicate her Project Blog Blogathon to the memory of tx_db8r.

I am very honored. Thank you so much, Cat.

So. Project Blog is July 23rd. Her Project Blog LJ is theleechchild, "being the scathing, scintillating, swashbuckling adventures of one slightly deformed, moist, and fork-tongued Divine Child--Hiruko, the Leech-Child." This is a pay-per-read project, and it will be very worth it. Even a dollar gets you this exclusive story by acclaimed novelist and all-around nifty person Catherynne M. Valente.

And I'll give you something, too, just like in past years.

I'll also post some stuff while I'm awake - and encourage those of you who wanted to play along to do so.

We're waiting on Project Blog's website to go live. If it doesn't, we'll be doing what we did last year - having you donate directly to The National MS Society and sending catvalente your e-mail receipts. Further instructions will come as things settle.

Project Blog. July 23rd.

Stay tuned.

And... thank you.
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