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I won't be doing Blog-A-Thon this year.

I hate that. First time since I became aware of Blog-A-Thon that I haven't done it.


Body can't take it. I'm still trying to recover from staying up til 2 Saturday night. There's no way I can pull an all-nighter. It'll take me out for at least a week afterward. The meds are making this progressively worse, I swear. Last year, staying up late wouldn't've fucked me up this much. Cleaning Elayna's room wouldn't have had me in pain for two days afterward. australian_joe said, "This sounds like disability..."

But this is not a bitching-about-health post. I'm just telling you why I'm not pulling an all-nighter.

The thing is this: In past years, I've raised almost $2,000 per year for charity.

That's kind of addictive. And I still want to do it.

And I was planning on changing charities this year. In the past, I've fundraised for RAINN.

But earlier this year, one of my LJfriends, tx_db8r, died of complications from probable viral meningitis. Liz had MS, and I was planning to raise money for her chosen charity, The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, in her memory.

I would still like to do a fundraising effort in her memory. Possibly coinciding with her birthday - July 13. Next week.

So my question for all of you is this - what would it take to get you to make a donation in Liz's memory? What can I do?
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