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Little Annoyances

I am not an early adopter. I am stubborn; I cling to the old ways.

Which is why I do not have Welcome to the Jungle on CD.

Or any Skinny Puppy or Dead Kennedys or most anything else from the 20th century. But I'm okay with that at the moment. Right now, though, I need to hear old G'n'R. And I only have it on cassette.

Adam has it. Somewhere. But Adam long-ago got rid of all of his jewelcases and stuck all of his CDs in big carry-cases. And I've looked through two of the three and not found it. And we can't find the third.


See, my CDs are all in alphabetical order in nifty twirly racks. My stuff, I can find. His stuff? Not so much.

And he has WAY too much whiny-chick-with-a-guitar music. Oy.

EDIT: I have the title track now. Need the rest of the album, though. :) Priority for right now is "Mr. Brownstone" (Alanna wants to dance to it), but I want the whole thing. Got that, thanks to voldsom, but still need the rest...

I *heart* you guys.

It's an iTunes day. Have so far ripped Violent Femmes, the Moulin Rouge soundtrack... am now working through the Chili Peppers, Blood Sugar Sex Magik. Yes, I am feeling all sorts of retro.
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