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More going through my notebook.

Pet Supermarket has door chimes. I am seized by the urge to shoplift a guinea pig.


docorion: "I don't think anyone has ever strained my veneer of civilization like you do."


I'm attracted to musicians not because of the starfucker thing, but because I love music, breathe music, think in music, and yet cannot bring it into the world. I can give you a beat, but I can't give you the melody.

Which just goes back to the fact that people fetishize that which they do not Know. If I'd been spanked as a childhood punishment, I doubt I'd get off on it now.


I've gone to the airport in more Atlanta than I have anywhere else I've lived. I'm always flying away.

There's nothing for me in Atlanta save a means to go elsewhere.


I also have porn in my notebook.
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