Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

So much of my heart and mind is in Boston. And my body is here. Feel like they're attached by a rubber band that could *SNAP* at any moment.

That would hurt.

I need to be there.

So many factors at work. So many than ever before.

I need to be there now. I need to go home.

Universe: This is what I want.

I want Adam to get a call from one of the universities he's applied to, desperate to hire him. They will interview him when we're there in July, and decide that they need him for the beginning of the school year. We will move in August. (docorion has already said he'll take a month off work to help.)

The move will go smoothly. Adam will love his new job, to which he will carpool with his new gaming buddies. Elayna will hit it off with zeyr's son and love her new school, which will prove to have a rockin' band as well as the great math & science program we already know about.

Finally not having to haul my ass all over town for four hours at the start of every day, I will start getting enough rest. After a few weeks, my body will catch up to itself, will recover to the point of being manageable, liveable. My new neurologist will be flexible with my treatment, and I will have the ability to be flexible with it. I will be able to work *with* my body, not *against* it.

I will get a Xeric grant and publish Shayara in trade paperback form. It will sell like hotcakes. Hotcakes, I tell you. I will then also get Places You Haunt, Ondine, Walking on Water, and Maggie's story published, though not in comic form because that isn't how they live in my head. And other stories. I have other stories. I will always have other stories.

Adam will get a series of books published, too - funny looks at horror media. He will have a huge following, like David Hasselhoff in Germany.

morenasangre will be a famous writer too, oh yes, for her beautiful urban fantasy. *nod*

docorion is lucky - he's already doing what he loves. But he wants to just do day shifts. So universe, let's put him just in Boston and just on day shifts.

Elayna will be a genius teacher rock star scientist astronaut mommy writer, just like she wants. And a punk-rock flautist. And she will always be healthy.

Everyone I love should be healthy, Universe. If I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming big. Fix dark_blade's arthritis. Fix sibylla's probably-lupus. Fix deyaniera. Fix the whole gimp squad. Take away their pain and their brainfuckery and bodyfuckery - give them that much more room to Do Great Things.

This is what I want, Universe. Manifest this.
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