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This should be the worst of my problems!

Trip to Boston coming up...

Too many friends. Too little time.

Like I said in the subject - this should be the worst of my problems!

*sigh* I'm not just looking forward to living there because of docorion, or even beowabbit and wispfox; I'm looking forward to living up there so it's easier to work around ayalanya's schedule, so I can go to sunspiral's next party...

I have too many people (like the aforementioned ayalanya, like wispfox and mud_puppy...) who simply can't make it to the one gathering, or who don't do well in crowds, even small ones. I'm going to try to have time for everyone, because I want to see everyone. But dayum, y'all. This is going to be a hell of a lot easier when I live there.
Tags: boston, travel
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