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The frustrating thing about having Alice & the crew chattering in my head (and I do mean chattering, from the girls at least; I wrote character profiles last night and had several little monologues from Alice and one from Kat's daughter pop out) is that I can't write about any of it here, at least not publicly.

Because if I do, it'll be giving away the entire end of Shayara, that's why.

This takes place after the end. I can actually see it being a YA novel.

Granted, I've given away that these kids exist and that, in i_descend's words, "...they must have been victorious... There is hope for peace in Shayara." Yes, by posting that bit on Saturday I've given away that Capri and Katrianna live long enough to give birth. (Julia adopts Alice.)

I'm not guaranteeing anything other than that they live long enough to give birth, mind. :)

Drives me crazy. Because there are themes at work here that I want to poke at...
Tags: shayara, writerbrain
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