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Clothing update FYI:

Going to be a good girl. :) Wearing a lavender skirt, one he bought me. It touches my knees (he bought it online, so doesn't know), so I've folded the waistband over to abbreviate it. I'd fold it over again, but that'd make it too short to balance with this top - black sleeveless georgette and *very* cleavagey, it has a wrap effect at the hem with fabric going down over my hips and, less so, my butt.

Will wear the ballet flats I bought for dark_blade's wedding. One of the reasons that I consented to this skirt: it looks and feels like a dance skirt. This top is a little fussy, but I shan't be wearing it for long, I'm sure.

I'll have to get this skirt (and its black counterpart, if it ever arrives) hemmed or, um, re-waisted or whatever. Same for the other skirt under consideration, the plum one - it's supposed to sit at my waist, and it sits at my hips. Perils of being tiny.

EDIT: And the cats are all like "Dude! I can see Mama's legs! What the fuck?"

ALSO EDIT: I am antsy as all hell. Been almost two months.

Don't want to start writing the Capri thing, because I could be interrupted At Any Moment by his call. So I have the argument with myself that I could write it longhand and bring the notebook with me to the MARTA station I'm meeting him at. But then I remind myself that I'm going to want it on the computer, and why rdo my work? So I'm fussing around the house with the phone clutching in my hand, all heartpoundy.

Gods, I've missed him.

*refreshes flight status page again*

ALSO ALSO EDIT: Phone just rang.

Me: "Hello?"
Him, quietly and warmly: "Honey, I'm home."

Brought tears to my eyes.
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