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docorion's plane has taken off on time, per the airline's website!

So! Time for a poll.

He has instructed me that I'm to wear dresses or skirts when I meet him post-trip, whether that's here or in Boston. No problem. He likes short skirts, though, which I am unaccustomed to. I skirted the issue (blame Adam, puns are contagious) last time by wearing a long skirt before he voiced a preference for short skirts - before his instruction at all, actually. Anticipation of needs is Of The Good.

But I have short skirts now, because he bought them for me.

But I also have this really cute retro sundress. It's not long by any stretch of the imagination, but it's not above-the-knee. It has strawberries on it. I can wear the red lipstick with it. He likes the red lipstick.


Wear one of the above-the-knee-skirts, going for impeccable obedience?

Or wear the strawberry dress, going for retro flair and giving him something to spank me for?

Audience participation day!

What should I wear?

Strawberry dress
Skirt and top

EDIT: A note: Often he really does like being given a little something extra to spank me for! It's just a matter of evaluation.
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