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Comics Project

I made up for yesterday's indolence by sorting and refiling* five boxes and two stacks' worth of comics, which is no small feat. Did it mostly by myself, too. Ask Adam.

I now hate Spider-Man. Because it feels like we have more Spider-Man than anything else ever. Really, it's partly that we just happened to hit a fuckload of S comics today, but dude. Too. Much. Spidey.

No. More. Spidey.

We also have up to three copies of most early issues of Strangers in Paradise - among other things, I'm sure, but hey, like I said. It was an S day. How many complete runs of SiP does one family need? Less than three, I'm thinking.

There was also a lot of "Why do we even have this comic?!?" on the order of perplexity of Yzma's "Why do we even have that lever?!?" in Emperor's New Groove. I think I'll allow Adam a day to try to come up with a way to bribe me out of outing him on some of this stuff.

Seriously, man. No more Spidey. (Except Ultimate Spidey, because that's by Bendis.)

(It appears that I also need a comics-geekery icon.)

* This does not just mean sorting those boxes amongst themselvest; this means alphabetizing and filing amongst the *turns and counts* 31 boxes already in order. *sigh* The Project is over half done, at least.
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