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* I am wearing an outfit. Not jeans and a t-shirt - an outfit. Two different articles of clothing, neither of which are jeans and neither of which are black. Adam: "Who are you?"

* Good talk with docorion yesterday in which I got to stop being a Brave Little Toaster for a bit. Tuesday. I get to see him Tuesday.

* Good talk with kires yesterday, fresh back from Europe; it has been decided that he shall visit in the near-ish future.

* Good talk with Elayna yesterday - she called me, actually, and we talked of books and hermit crabs and the logistics of the move to Boston and monkeys and lemurs. It was decided that monkeys and lemurs are equally cool. Do not try to debate this with her. And she got a gold star for her rocket in science class. Oh, and beowabbit, she got the CD - she hasn't had the chance to listen to it yet, but she's "sure I'll like it, because it'll show me different kinds of music that I'll get to play someday..."

* Difficult as yesterday was, physically and emotionally, I accomplished two important things - I did good work on The Comics Project, and I was able to take a walk for the first time in two weeks.

Product Endorsement

* I am wearing Ginger Body Souffle by Origins right now. I smell like ginger, cardamom, clove, coriander, and all manner of other yummy things. The label lists some citrus bits, but I can't smell them, sensitive as I am. I am just ginger-riffic. Also I have been using their Modern Friction scrub, which has completely gotten rid of the dry skin problem that the Trileptal created. Origins makes me happy. (Hush up about money. These were gifts. :P )

* Deep Discount DVD is having a 20%-off sale. Just use coupon code "dvdtalk" at checkout. Unfortunately, it's only good on in-stock items, but you can't have everything...
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