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Happy birthday to happypete, scathedobsidian, and spiritchaser1!

Happy early birthday to rosefox and mermaidblue, who advance a year over the weekend!

Hello to new reader cyberstoat!

Exhaustion + nausea, but a little less nausea than yesterday and the day before. Vision and coordination a wee bit fucked. EDIT at 9: Fuck. Bad vertigo.

Snapshot of workspace
In case you wondered.

To my left: "Get Fuzzy" page-a-day calendar, phone, Page 4 of Shayara story from Shooting Star #6 taped to wall, pen cup, various papers.

To my right: Taped to the wall, picture of a praying mantis drawn by Elayna, picture of a passionflower. Off the wall - two framed 5x7s of Elayna, a week-at-a-time desk calendar and the beanie-baby-ish stuffties: two black cats, one Sith lord (Darth Maul), one Badtz Maru, four moose (one dressed as a duck), one pig (dressed as a pumpkin), and one of those fingermajig things where you put your thumb under it and make the figures on top (in this case, ladybugs) dance. A Rolodex, an "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" mug, and all the usual office crap.

Plain black shirt, jeans, black panties - "hot and spicy" socks from hot and spicy velvetsteel.

You Will Never Be The Same - stories by Cordwainer Smith. Picked it up for a dollar at a library sale because oooh, cheap Cordwainer Smith! Come to find out, it has an interesting inscription. Which I'll post later.

Recently finished Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott - I need more of her stuff. I enjoy her writing style. Also recently finished "Crazy Little Thing", by murnkay. I could happily read just stuff by people I know forever. Everyone should be this lucky.

Absolutely nothing. I am not up to anything. I thought about the Blog-A-Thon thing after my nap and thought "What am I, crazy?"

Whether or not I can do the Blog-A-Thon is a topic for another post. But really, my body obviously needs rest this weekend, as much as it can get.

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