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A/C is leaky.

Which means visit from A/C people and landlady "after 1:00" today.

Which means I have to clean clean clean until I collapse so the landlady doesn't freak out at the state of the house. She saw the basement office/utility room yesterday, which is pretty bad - most of the mess is the comics project, though, and Adam told her that we were On An Organizing Project there. And the utility room is pretty much okay, just needs straightening up. But I should clean up the rest of the office pretty significantly. Which I've been needing to do for a while, really; this just gives me the impetus.

My big fear is that the landlady will want to wander through the upstairs... which is not heinous, but is REALLY messy. So. Downstairs first, then upstairs til I collapse.

Adding to the PITA factor: since my computer's downstairs, I won't be able to write while they're here, as she'll no doubt be peering over my shoulder. Grr. Not that I don't have other stuff I could be doing, but dammit, I wanted to write. And yes, I can write longhand, but the specific type of thing I wanted to write ("portrait" of Alanna for aaronace) tends to flow way better when typed.

So. Aagh.

I want to go home and get started NOW, before work drains off any more of my limited energy...

EDIT: For the record, sweeping up dust/cobweb combos = Teh Suck. Especially when you're scared of spiders. I got three of the little buggers, though.... carried my penguin notepad in my back pocket and SMACKED 'em soon as I saw 'em skitter. SMACK - peel off sheet - discard sheet. Much better method than shoestomping, I think.

Also have now covered up the copy of Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns that was sitting in plain view, because that's a conversation I don't want to have.

So. Downstairs is now presentable. I will make upstairs presentable, then work on really cleaning this office, because I really do want my desk clean.
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