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Tew's Day

Happy birthday to rubberella!

Hello to new readers _arys_ and jasra!

Exhaustion + nausea, as usual. Headache present and accounted for. Ach, I forgot to mention: Doc says to take the Naproxen twice a day whether the headache's there or not for two weeks, to prevent rebound headaches. And she recommends that I take riboflavin and magnesium to ward 'em off in the future. Heh. I walked out of there with two sample pill-packs and four prescriptions. Go me?

Was physically agitated a little last night, but I'm loathe to blame that on the Zonegran, as it's the first night; we'll see if it happens again. The good thing about the Zonegran is that I only have to take it once a day.

Movie Impressions
Adam and I got four free movie rental cards, expiring tomorrow, is why we've been seeing so many movies lately. So.

Garden State: Overrated masturbatory pretentious crap.
Donnie Darko: Oooh. This I like. I'm sure I'd've liked it more had we not been interrupted by the phone thrice. We watched the Director's Cut... Adam says that all mention of the book was sliced out of the theatrical version, which puzzles me, as it all seems to really hinge on the book.
Team America: We were disappointed, actually. This is the first Matt & Trey thing that's disappointed us (I'm likely showing museumfreak Orgazmo today). Musical sequences were a lot of fun - I couldn't get the Montage song out of my head! But otherwise... I was kinda bored. I feel like I need to watch Orgazmo or the South Park movie to remind me of how funny these guys can be.

I may rent Stepford Wives today, which I know is going to suck - but - Nicole Kidman, in dresses I will want to own. And it's free. I would not spend money on it. But it's free.

Yes. For all of my girlification... I have a special love for dresses of the 1940s and early 1950s. Think Little Shop of Horrors and Far From Heaven.

I'm a throwback. I want to wear those dresses and be a stay-at-home mom. In Boston, I will have cookies waiting at the table for Elayna and her little friends when they come come from school. (Yes, Adam, docorion, and beowabbit, I'll make them save some for you!)

This is an exception from the girlification thing, and I don't know why. Maybe it's like wearing a costume, being in drag. I dunno. I'm a weird kid.

Mail Call
Books from penmage, postcard from rosefox, and painting from shimmerjemmy - painting which is even more beautiful in person. May you all know someday how wonderful it feels to inspire someone...

Comic Orders!
I've got PayPal from 23 of you so far; I haven't counted up the money-order people yet. I'll make the list later. Over half of you want my autograph. To quote Sam the Eagle, "you are all weird."

Click here to order Shooting Star #6!
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