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Okay! Those of you who've been wanting to get your hands on Shooting Star Comics Anthology #6, which contains an 8-page bit of Shayara - this is your chance.

Please send $6.50, via PayPal, to shadesong AT (This is actual cost for the comic + shipping via media mail. Well, 8 cents more, but PayPal takes money off the top.)

Please include the following information:

* Your legal name and mailing address.
* Your LJ name, so I can make a list online and you can make sure I've got you.
* "Please sign" if you want it signed. (Weirdly enough, at least six of you do.)

If you live in Atlanta and can pick it up from me, or if you live in the Boston area and can pick it up from docorion and beowabbit at the Diesel Cafe on Tuesdays, just send $5.00.

I am aware that this is a lot of money for a little 8-page comic! I mean, the other stories are good too, but let's face it, you're buying it for the Shayara bit. So I shall attempt to justify the price by sending you a short-short story explaining why what happens in the comic-bit happens. Those of you who've already purchased the comic, you will get this as well! Just send me proof that you purchased the comic: E-mail me a bit of the dialogue from the second-to-last page. Don't post it here, e-mail it. And I will e-mail you the short-short story. *nod*

I'm keeping this up this week only. It's a bit of a pain for my editor to schlep out here, so I'm not going to make him do it more than once. :) You have til Friday to order. And if supply fails to meet demand, I will of course refund the money of the last people to order.

Any questions?


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Tags: shayara, shayara.ssca#6

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