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See, I wanted to be all clever - I'll be writing a conversation between the Telenias and his mentor Martin about Telenias's new tattoo. And Martin manages the apartment building in placesyouhaunt. So I wanted to have Doodle entering the movie with baby Kaylin in one of those little backpacks as they're talking, just as a little easter-egg-y thing, because I like doing that. (When the Shayara TPB comes out, watch for easter-eggs!)

But then I went all *headslap*. Because this conversation takes place when the tattoo is new - when Telenias has just completed his training with Martin and is returning to Shayara.

Read: before the formation of the Kirayth.

Read: way before Capri, who's at least ten years older than Kaylin, is born.

So. No easter-eggs to plant, because the only person from placesyouhaunt besides Martin who even might be there that long ago is Anthony, who died before the action in placesyouhaunt starts, so you probably wouldn't even recognize him from context. Doodle, I could describe and you would go "Hey, that's Doodle and Kaylin!" Anthony, not so much; I'd have to have Martin say "Hi, Anthony" or something, and it would jar the flow.

And so I'm going all *headslap*, thinking "How could I not have immediately realized that was wrong? How could that scene have even entered my brain, incorrect as it was?"

And then I go *headslap* again just for thinking that and go "ARE YOU INSANE? You're dealing with over 150 (maybe up to 200 by now) characters over a span of 50-75 years (not to mention the prehistory), and you're berating yourself for a little unintentional age gap between characters in different series who never meet each other?"

I need a chai. *laugh* Gods. It's a wonder that I do keep this stuff straight.
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