Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong


Shayara is the easiest thing to write.

I should be focusing more on placesyouhaunt, and on Walking on Water. This I know. Because the release of Shayara is dependent of m0usegrrl and her pencils, but the release of my other stuff? All me.

But when I sit down and say "Writing time!", Shayara's easiest. Because it's been in my head for half my life. It's comfortable. I know these characters, these situations.

And as personal as it is, it's less personal than those other two.

Walking on Water is autobiographical, of course, and it's about a very difficult time of my life. So that's understandable.

But placesyouhaunt touches a lot of the same places as Walking on Water. I have to go down to the dark places. I have to look at a decision that Kellen makes, an action that Crystal takes, things that mirror Vegas, and sometimes it's like a gutpunch, because I know that these are things that will destroy them.

Harder than writing Alanna. Because these are things that mirror Vegas.

With placesyouhaunt, I have to go down to the dark places. And haul myself back up.

Ah, gracious. I'm easy-way-out-ing. And I shouldn't. And I won't.

Maggie's story... there are only a few parallels to me so far, so that's cool. It's just that her world is so stylized that I really have to be in the zone to write it. Cyberpunk noir is tough to fake!

Ondine, I've just been lazy. Heh. Sorry.

And all of it.... I hadn't been writing, not in ages. Not even nonfiction, but that's because everything I wrote was colored by the move, which I wasn't allowed to talk about!

But Miss Kid is gone, and I have time again. So I shall commit myself to this. *nod*
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