Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Day one, part one

I felt vaguely out-of-sorts yesterday. Trapped in the house by rain, and nothing to do; Elayna was up to stuff with my sister, Adam was reading, Dad was on the computer, Mom was off having a manicure. I had Nothing To Read - Due to our flight lasting an extra hour, I'd read both catvalente's The Labyrinth and Mark Haddon's The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime (the first excellent, the second good but slightly overrated). I'm left with only theferrett's as-yet-unpublished novel, and if I read that now, I wouldn't have anything to read on the plane-ride back. And no, I didn't feel like writing, which made me feel all surly-like in itself. And there are no books to borrow from my parents, because my parents don't have books - they have the newest James Patterson or Oprah-endorsed pap for as long as it takes them to read it, then it's off to wherever they send their books. Not in their house. The only books Mom keeps are Maus vols. I & II, because she wants me to think that she might read them someday. Mom has Maus and The Secret Lives of Bees. Dad has James Patterson and magazines. There is a coffee table book about lighthouses. Not because anyone here has any interest in lighthouses, but because they felt that they ought to have a coffee table book of some sort, like they ought to have two children, a miniature poodle (now deceased), and Hummel figurines. It's on the checklist for their lifestyle.

Elayna brought an even dozen books with her. Elayna brought more books "to last til July 16" (when Harry Potter 6 comes out) than my parents have in the entire house. (I did not read Elayna's books because I've already read all the ones that aren't below my enjoyment level, save Eragon, which I'm not starting on the off chance that I won't have time to finish it.)

My sister owns no books; my sister has not purchased a book or had one purchased for her since she was Elayna's age. A for-pleasure book, I mean. There was mandatory reading in high school.

How did I come from this?

I curled up beside Adam as he read. And I slept. For two hours.

When I awoke, there was a new pet in the house. A hermit crab. Named Hermie. Hermie the hermit crab.

Those who have known me for a long time will know why I have taken an instant dislike to Hermie.... at SeaCamp back in fifth grade, we were encouraged to play with various forms of sea life, including hermit crabs.

My hermit crab BIT me. And would not let go.

No, seriously. Would not let go. They had to dunk it in alcohol to make it let go. They had to dunk it in alcohol a lot.

Elayna's going to Parrot Jungle this summer, too. Wait til you hear that story. That story has pictures.

Anyway, Hermie. And then we went to the Melting Pot. be continued, as coffee's ready...
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