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Maggie's story doesn't have a name yet.

This was written last time I was on an airplane. I found it in my notebook as I packed for tomorrow. And realized that I hadn't typed it yet. So.


I feel him behind me. Benjamin gives off an absurd amount of body heat. Unsurprising, considering who his father is. So I feel Benjamin - warmth radiating behind me, and a light scent like amber resin.

He doesn't say anything, because he knows he doesn't need to. Lazy bastard. "What do you want?" I ask, keeping my eyes on my drink.

He moves in front of me. I'm only taken aa little aback by his golden beauty; mortal women swoon, but I'm mostly immune to his charms. Besides, he's apparently not my type. "Hi, Maggie."

"Hi, Sunshine."

He winces; I've scored an opening point. "I hate it when you call me that."

"I hate it when you call me Maggie."

He nods. "Magic-Merveille."

"Even worse."


"And now we can talk."

"What've you been up to?"

"Same as always."

"Semisuicidal pouting?"

"If you know, why ask?"

He sighs. "Stop it."


"Defensive posturing. Fuck, Maggie, I'm about the only person you don't have to do that with."

"Why are you so sure of that?"

"You seeing any of our cousins?"

"That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying, why do you think I don't need to be defensive with you?"

He looks confused. Poor dear. "Because. I'm like you."

"Does that matter?"

"I would think it would."

"I'm not one of your playthings, Sunshine."

He looks worried. "Maggie - I know that. I don't want that."


And that is where I stopped. *nod*
Tags: fiction, stories.maggie
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