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I am so drained and burned out that being with my parents is going to be a relief.

Because none of Miss Kid's attention will be on me.

I don't know if it's just that I'm physically worse these past two weeks, or that I hadn't known how much I needed that few-hour break between work and kid-time. But this is really fuckin' arduous. I am zombified.

I need this summer.

Packed her stuff.... I'm currently unable to think very straight, so I just packed everything, rather than attempting to determine what she needs right now and what can be shipped out later. If I were to try to sort stuff out, I would be likely to omit something necessary. Like underwear. She'd end up with shirts and bras, but no shorts or underwear.

Three suitcases.

Adam and I can share a suitcase.

Half of one suitcase is just books. Just like her mama.

Elayna's reasons for wanting to move to Boston, in her stated order:

1. docorion is there.
2. Her favorite great-aunt and great-uncle (also my favorite aunt and uncle) live there.
3. It's near Cape Cod. Elayna digs Cape Cod.

She also likes it that she'd be going to a math & science oriented school, and that she'll have a chess buddy her age in zeyr's son. And that there's plenty of room for her to garden. And it's a three-story house. She loves stairs.
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