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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to ayalanya and laurelian!

Little weird in the head; exhaustion + nausea. Not nearly as bad today as yesterday, which is Of The Good; yesterday, I collapsed soon as I got home and was not revived til 4.

Episode III
Much better than I and II, which is indeed damning with faint praise...

Seriously? I do think that he saved things as best he was able, after the mess he made in I and II. I enjoyed it. Yes, Anakin's slide into the Dark Side was ludicrously abrupt (ludicrous speed!), but y'know, to do it right, he'd've had to start it last movie. Were I in charge, I'd've skipped kiddie-Anakin entirely and set the trilogy up with teen/adult Anakin, innocent in I and gradually sliding in II. But I'm not in charge. It read to me like Lucas realized "Oh shit, I forgot to set this up!"

I did enjoy it, though. *nod*

Stupid people are a trial, man. They tax me.

To Adam's Stalker
No, seriously. Stop calling. We're not going to answer the phone.

docorion bought his plane tickets - he arrives on June 21! Which is way too far away. *sigh* But it's what we've got.

And news flash: Adam and I will be visiting Boston in July! We don't know exactly when yet - probably early/mid July. This will likely call for another gathering, as I know that many people will want to meet Adam. :) New York people, we *will* get to you - we definitely want to visit NYC! But we're hitting Boston first.
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