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News from my nap

In my dream, I was reading my friendspage, except it was in a different style. And I'd just reached a post by robyn_ma, a post about a dream she'd had (meta!), and in her dream there were some really fucked-up beauty supplies, but in her dream, they were normal Origins products, and she was mentioning how odd it was that something made from bats was a normal skincare product in her dream. And she had a poll in her dream that included bizarre Origins products from her dream.

But before I could look at the poll, docorion hugged me from behind and kissed my cheek and told me to finish unpacking (we were in a hotel).

In my suitcase, I had a dark teal raw-silk top, which I was surprised to see because I seemed to remember the store only having had it in size medium. And I had a pair of charcoal slacks that *fit* me.

And then I woke up.

I want that outfit.

And I want robyn_ma to post that poll.

EDIT: And she did!
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