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The continued girlification of Shadesong

As of yesterday, I have a skincare regimen. Um, cleanser and toner and stuff. I made the clerk at Origins write everything down in order so I remember what I'm supposed to do.

Because I'm old. And the Trileptal dehydrates me like crazycakes. So now? Moisturizer. Fancy moisturizer, at docorion's insistence.

And a luscious lacey corset-lookin' camisole and skirt at Anthropologie - I just looked online, but they don't seem to have 'em online. Ah well. You shall just have to see them in person, should you ever see me in person.

And docorion has discovered the pain that is shopping with me - namely, the fact that no one makes things in my size. Most of the size 0s were too loose around the waist. :(

EDIT: If I have to be girly, I want Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab stuff.
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