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My day

Am once again too tired to write about my day. This week has been a series of "worked, then did Way Too Much Stuff, then wilted like a week-old bouquet, then got up and Did More Stuff, ignoring the little whimpery noise of my subconscious".

Today: Field Day. An hour and a half or so of screaming fourth-and-fifth-graders in the hot hot sun. Much fun, of course; I love seeing my kid at these things, and I love the clear evidence that she really does still consider me to be her best friend. But dude, it was pretty hot out today...

Went home so she could change (she got soaked in the last activity), then went to Target to buy her friend a birthday gift and buy her some socks and bras.

Which turned into summer-wardrobe shopping. Which means that she now has some nifty new things, but also resulted in my most obvious spell of exhaustion this week - eyes closed, sagging against the back of the plastic chair, docorion's hand held in mine.

I need to remember that I can't do this stuff.

Went to pick Adam up; he and Elayna just made brownies, and now we're all off to his work year-end party. We'll only stick around for an hour, hour and a half. (No, I'm not up to it. But I promised. Stupid spoons.)

And then, I don't know. I may need a nap just so I can spend some alert time with docorion tonight.

docorion has informed me that I am sleeping in tomorrow.

And having a Lush bath-bomb bath. Do you throw the bath bomb in while the water's running, or after? I've never done this before, as I am Not A Girl.

Adam is yelling down that it is time to go. So. I go!
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