Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Not a Wispy Girl

docorion and I were discussing bodies and body image earlier today, prompted by my response of "too skinny" when asked about the attractiveness of a girl who apparently has my body type.

Yes, I prefer curvy girls. And yet if I can pinch a millimeter, let alone an inch, on myself, I'm too fat. That, dear reader, is a matter for a different post.

The skinny-girl thing came up later, when I reflected that hugging me must be like hugging a bunch of sticks. Because hugging my mom is like hugging a bunch of sticks, and I'm skinnier.

docorion assured me that I Give Great Hug. He says that the thing with most skinny girls is that they're "wispy". He demonstrated a wispy-skinny-girl-handshake. I retaliated with my handshake, and he said "See?"

Basically, he says that wispy girls act fragile; they shake hands, they hug, like they're afraid of being broken. And, well, I do *not*.

I said, "My gut response is that bodies are made for pleasure - but really, no. They're not. There are so many really Not Pleasurable things going on with my body. Maybe that's part of why I hug the way I do. Get as much pleasure as I can."

Because when I hug you, you know it; you are most thoroughly hugged! Hugs are *good*. Snuggling is *good*.

Anyway. Just musing. And now I go watch Lost.
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