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The Annual What-We-Won-at-Spring-Fling Post


Just got back from Spring Fling, Elayna's annual school carnival, where we spent $20 on tickets and $100+ on stuff at the silent auction. Thank you, IRS, for giving us our tax refund yesterday, amen!

I volunteered for two things - running her class's game booth for an hour, and helping out at the silent auction - swooping in the close bidding on one of the tables, and pulling gift certificates at the cash register. Lo, my volunteer work has been done.

Another highlight: racing Elayna through the hy00ge inflatable obstacle course. I won round one, she won round two, and every other parent or teacher I encountered after that said "Oh, I saw you in the obstacle course!", so I hope I didn't look *too* stupid. :)

I love this stuff. I loved rolling a big die and running the class's game, loved recruiting other kids. I swear, had you asked me 11 years ago if this sounded like fun, I'd've laughed in your face. And, um, not because it sounded fun. 11 years ago, I'd've sneered at you, rolled my eyes.

But dude, this is really fun, and so's the feeling that you're helping out your kid's school with every kid you recruit to play that game, or every time you make a fool of yourself on the obstacle course.

So this is what we won.

Gift Cards
Theatre Gael, 2 tickets to every show of the 2005-2006 season.
Georgia Renaissance Festival, 4 VIP tickets
Georgia Shakespeare Festival, 2 tickets to any one production in 2005-2006.
Theatrical Outfit, 2 tickets to any one production in 2005-2006.


International Foods Basket
Chinese wafer cookies, vanilla and strawberry
Tazo tea collection
2 bags of rice crackers
Mediterranean olive antipasto
Peach nectar
Mango nectar
Tomato basil spaghetti sauce
2 packs of Gamesa cookies
2 bottles of guarana soda (from Brazil)
Terribly fancy pasta
Chocolate almond orange biscotti
Almond tea cookies
Instant coffee
Coconut flute wafer cookies
Butterfinger BBs. No, I have no idea what makes Butterfinger BBs international, but I'll take 'em.

The next basket was odd. It was a two-basket set labeled "Coffee, Tea, and Sweets", but the smaller basket was more of a "treat yourself" basket, so that's what I'm going to call it.

Treat Yourself Basket
Guerlain moisturizer
Versace lip gloss (glittery!)
Space.NK bath oil and candle
Kiehl's French Rosewater
"Spoil Yourself" box set, with eye mask, bath confetti, candles, book, and mini-loofah
L'Oreal cream
Vanilla Bath & Body Works soap
Guerlain lipstick
Guerlain fragrance sample
Laura Mercier lipstick

Coffee, Tea, and Sweets Basket
Whistling teakettle (Copco)
Vanilla creamer (powdered)
Mr. Goodbar bites
Folger's coffee (ground)
Pirouline cookies
Pepperidge Farm Piroutte cookies
3 package of Crystal Light On the Go
Neiman Marcus coffee (whole bean)
Atlanta Coffee Roasters Swiss Chocolate coffee (ground)
Atlanta Coffee Roasters Gourmet Blend coffee (ground)
International Delights? Is that what it's called? Suisse Mocha
International Delights Cafe Francais
International Delights French Vanilla
Bosnian coffee (imported)
Generic coffee - 1 regular, 2 French Roast
Coffee scoop
2 bottle of Dasani water
Tea India Masala Chai
Maple walnut shortbread
Brothers one-pot packs of French Vanilla, Regular, and Decaf coffee (ground)
4 black willow-print coffee mugs
2 oversize shiny black coffee mugs
1 nifty black hobnail-style creamer
Bigelow tea assortment
Kroger iced tea bags
$30 in Starbucks gift cards
1 metric fuckload International Delight creamer shots

Not to mention the baskets themselves, always nifty and useful - Jack has already claimed the pretty fabric-lined basket that formerly held International Foods as his own.

I love Spring Fling.

Looks like Elayna's out of her hot shower - she paid to have herself soaked in the dunking booth four times, 3 tickets a pop, and was shivering all the way home - so I shall rejoin the crew upstairs. :)
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