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Usual exhaustion + nausea. Too nauseous to eat truffles last night. :( Otherwise, just a little bit brainweird and visionweird. Very light tremors. This is what = a good day, nowadays.

Summer Reading
Because I am a space cadet, I totally forgot to buy stuff for Elayna's class basket for Spring Fling! Each class has a basket that gets auctioned off. Fundraiser. So we stopped by the neighborhood indy bookstore on the way home and got some of the classics:

Harriet the Spy, The Phantom Tollbooth, and modern classic Frindle. We had a spare copy of A Wrinkle in Time at home - she got it for her birthday, and she already has two copies, so it went into the gift closet. And I grabbed a handful of bookmarks.

I'd've gotten The Westing Game, which may be my all-time favorite-childrens'-book-that-no-one-has-heard-of, but they didn't have it.

If you were giving kids books, what books would you give them?

I'm very basic today. Plain black snug-fitting long-sleeved tee, plain black panties, jeans, blue striped "all about me" socks (from velvetsteel).

I just finished Life of Pi by Yann Martel. Eh. At breakfast, I started How to Disappear Completely and Never be Found, by Sara Nickerson - one of Elayna's new favorite books. This afternoon/evening, I'll be starting Story of O - would you believe I've never read it?

Elayna has a concert this evening - her school is one of three schools playing a joint concert at what would be her middle school. We are all terribly excited. :)

Tomorrow is her school's Spring Fling! It's open to the public - locals with kids, you should come. It's always a lot of fun. :) I'm volunteering at her class's booth for an hour.

Sunday is Mother's Day! And I have no idea what we're doing. I suppose that if we go somewhere for a meal, it should be somewhere that takes reservations; I don't want to stand around for two hours waiting for a table! I don't quite know how to handle Mother's Day. We've never done much for it.

What I'd like for Mother's Day is for her to make me something. A mug or a dish or something at the local pottery-painting place, maybe. But I keep forgetting to drop that hint in time.

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