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Ow. Ow. Ow.



Something was Wrong at work today. I described it to the building manager thusly: "It was as if millions of mosquitos cried out at once - and were suddenly silenced."

Loud. LOUD. High-pitched. Shrill. Loud. Right by my desk. For two, three minutes at a time. Irregular intervals. Like being in an MRI, that way, but with horrible earshattering mosquito/alarm noises instead of clanking.

Four hours.

Set my teeth on edge (they still are, an hour later). Made me nauseous (ditto).


They'd better fix it by tomorrow. (They do have a good idea of what it is.)

Sick to my stomach, and my head is pounding... EDIT: Also still shaking and unable to concentrate. If I go in there again tomorrow and it isn't fixed, I'm seriously leaving.
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