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You'll have seen slipjig make reference to "audieurism"...

The sound insulation in the house was not quite as good as I thought.

My favorite description comes from zarhooie:

*faint screams from the other room*
me: *elbows [info]lbitw in the ribs* Listen!
Jason: *listens*
Song: *screaming/moaning*
Me: Dude. That's my mom.

Aiiii. *blush*

Apparently, slipjig was shushing everyone else whenever he could hear me, too...

docorion demonstrated the singletail the next morning. There were appreciative "oooh"s. I think people could understand why the screams. Heh. Um, 110 strokes, I think, and there only weren't more because it was nearing 4 AM and he insisted that I sleep. After the post-whipping sex, of course.
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