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Party Notes

Answering questions that were asked on the eVite or by more than one person:

* zarhooie, you don't need a sleeping bag - there is a couch available.

* People in general: I don't know if I'm going to the Carbon Leaf concert, because I don't know what time they'll be on! I'm seeing that the festival itself goes on til six - my party begins at seven, and I want to be there when people start to arrive, obviously! If I can get verification that they'll be on at, like, two - sure.

* yakavenger: It's a house, not an apartment building, so parking shouldn't be a problem. beowabbit, docorion, do correct me if I'm wrong!

* kires, Monkey, pharminatrix, I have you as not having looked as the eVite - want to make sure you're aware of the party, that you don't just have eVites set to go in your spam folders. So. *ping*!

* juliansinger, beowabbit, I know you'll be there, but please RSVP, because headcount is why I use eVite; not having an accurate headcount makes me all itchy-like.

* For that matter, dude, everyone who hasn't responded, respond already, 'k?

I love you all. Mwah.
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