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I'm not actually as cranky as my LJ currently represents. I actually have some hugely wonderful things going on.

It's just that I'm not allowed to talk about them publicly yet.

So. Having to keep quiet about things always makes me a little cranky. I hate secrets. My secrets, that is; I'm fine with keeping other people's secrets, but not being able to discuss stuff in my life that I want to discuss feels so Wrong that it makes me all tetchy.

And that is why I am cranky. (That and being on the rag.) Life In General is actually really, really good.

EDIT: You know, I really don't have the words to describe just how awfully Wrong hiding things makes me feel. It may be a childhood-flashbacky thing. That's how Wrong it feels in my head. That's part of what was killing me about 2003. Having something huge in my life that I wasn't allowed to talk about.

The person who's forbidden me to discuss this publicly yet knows that, though, and does plan to do what he needs to do so I can discuss it Real Soon Now; he doesn't like restricting me like this, but he does have a good reason.
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