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Aiiii shit I'm totally overbooked again, and it's making my all trembly and agitated...

4/28: Elayna's concert at the PTA fair
4/29: Fly to Boston at 8 IN THE FUCKING MORNING
4/30: Boston
5/1: Boston
5/4: Dinner with prof as late Secretaries' Day gift.
5/5: Mikey's thesis defense & ensuing fiesta
5/6: Elayna's concert at the middle school
5/7: Elayna's school's Spring Fling. Did I volunteer? Of course I volunteered. I always volunteer. Aii.
5/8: Mother's Day! Please, Adam - low-impact Mother's Day. Please.
5/10: Elayna's school play
5/13: Elayna's Field Day - yes, I volunteered.

I need to not be this booked. But so many of these things are KidThings, and I'm not going to miss 'em. I mean, I'm flying to Boston at 8 A-fucking-M because of that Thursday night concert (I was originally going to fly in on Thursday afternoon).

And I'm having that thing where I'm overlapping months. In this case, confusing end-of-April with end-of-May. And getting panicky about things that I don't have to do yet.

And Elayna was supposed to go camping with her Girl Scout troop this upcoming weekend, which is part of why I chose it for my Boston trip - give poor frazzled Adam a weekend to himself - and now she doesn't want to go. Like, really doesn't want to go. And with the troop leader situation, I don't blame her.

Problems with that:

1. Adam really needs time to himself - and now he's going to get sole parenting duty instead.
2. We paid $50 for this.

She's offered to pay us back from her savings account. She often offers to pay for stuff from her savings account when she knows we're low on funds. I've never taken her up on it. This time, I'm going to. I asked her several times, since she wasn't having the best time in the troop, if she REALLY wanted to go, and she said she REALLY did, and frankly, we can't afford to spend $50 on fickle whims, so yeah. I'm taking her up on that offer. I would say "tough shit, you said you wanted to go, you're going", but for the assholitude of the troop leader and her minions. It's probably better for her not to go - but dammit, she insisted she wanted to. Argh. She'll pay for it, literally.

I need to call the Council back and see what the progress is on all of that stuff. I know that the troop at her school isn't taking new kids right now, but that troop leader will let me know when they're doing pre-registration for next year.

So. That is my morning agita.

I finished the evaluation, btw. Made a copy of it before turning it in. May copy certain bits out here for you later.

Today I will likely take a nap. I am such a stressmonkey right now.

What I need to do is look at my schedule and block out me-time first, before I commit to anything else. For the summer, that is. Elayna-stuff = non-negotiable. I'm not missing seeing her perform. :)
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