Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Tew's Day

T minus three days til I'm in Boston...

Nauseous, exhausted, fuzzyheaded... and the fuzzyheaded bit = no good, as I have to fill out my own evaluation today.

The thing is, one of my side effects = memory lapses. So, um, this is hard to do. Plus, the form is presented in a very counterintuitive way.

I did remember that I should put on "dealing with agita for [a certain] textbook". OMG, what I went through for months with those people. The reason it is good that I remembered this? The department chair, the guy who decides how much of a raise I get, is the guy I busted my ass on that textbook for. Good to have a reminder.

That, and I restructured and streamlined a lot of stuff this year, and I participated in the freshman orientation program, and organized the faculty search, etc...

And did it all with a drug-adjustment handicap. That's definitely going on there. And got it done even with going part-time.

EDIT: Department chair walked by and peered at what I was doing. I held up the evaluartion with a wry look. He laughed. "Those things are idiotic."

Me: "Idiotic *and* counterintuitive!"

Him: "Oh, just wait til you get to the 'goal-setting' part."

Me: "[Boss] says we don't have to set -" *turn, click on e-mail for exact terminology* "- 'smart goals' this year."

Him: "Yeah. We're only setting stupid goals."

Me: "My stupid goal is to bring flowers in every week!"

Department chair laughs, walks off...

Yes, I will finish yesterday's. I just got caught up in stuff.

Does anyone have any writing-prompt ideas? Because I'm totally winging it at this point. Help spark your fellow writers!
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