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Passover Pickup Lines (ganked from dindin)

1. Let's make this night really different from all others nights.
2. What will you do to me for two zuzim?
3. What's a girl like you doing at a seder like this?
4. I like my matzah thin, like my women.
5. Maybe when Elijah comes, we can make it a threesome.
6. I hear that horseradish is an aphrodisiac.
7. Nice Hagadah.
8. After four cups of wine, you look like Cindy Crawford.
9. I bet I could make you sing Dayenu!
10. Did that just say we were in bondage?
11. I could never Pass you Over.
12. I'm going to have to search you for chometz.
13. Gefilte fish jelly makes for great lubrication.

#13 is so nasty. I am sitting here just *shuddering* over how nasty #13 is.

But I always, always giggle over the bondage parts of the seder.

I actually like Passover food. And now I really want some. But I am, um, 30 minutes post taking-my-meds. Which is like being on my fifth cup of Manischewitz. So you will have to excuse me.

I'm going to go try to get upstairs now so I can go to bed.
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