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Sunday crankiness

Woke up early. Took meds. Was affected adversely, to the point where I spent a chunk of the morning curled up full-fetal in my chair downstairs so's not to freak the kid out. Was too nauseous to eat more than two of my cinnamon rolls.

Spent every second that I could move cleaning/organizing. Fell asleep briefly and inadvertantly. Continued cleaning/organizing soon as I could. Getting a thoroughly decent amount of work done. Made child try on sneakers from the huge pile of sneakers in her corner, as school is demanding that I supply two pairs of sneakers, and I'm not buying a new pair if she has another pair that fits. She does not, as we discovered amid much whining. Started a donate-to-charity bag.

Lunch break. Child insisted on interrupting me approximately every five seconds, completely unwilling to allow me to read a fucking chapter in my fucking book.

In the midst of more cleaning/organizing, child asked if we could Watch a Family Movie (read: allow her more TV time even though she'd already exhausted hers). I said maybe. I vetoed ete's Dragon, approved My Neighbor Totoro, and told her to clean her room.

Child goes "ARGH!" and glares at me as if I am evil.

I have spent all of my available energy today cleaning. Adam has been cleaning. Child has been reading comics and coloring the non-black-velvet portions of the diary she got for her birthday that I shoved at her earlier while cleaning out one of her miscellaneous boxes, which is supposed to be her job. It is not evil of my to demand, not in so many words, that she clean her pigsty before she gets extra TV time.

Child is STOMPING. Which is exacerbating the bad mood that my poor medical reaction has caused.

On the bright side, my pantry looks fabulous.

I shall now continue working on the kitchen.

EDIT: I am still in my pajamas, and have no intention of Getting Dressed. Fuckit.

Also, child has derailed from cleaning.

Me: *shoves stack of blank thank-you notes at child*
Child: What am I supposed to do with these?
Me: Put them with your stationery for now. Eventually, you will write thank-you notes to your friends.
Child: Well, can I write thank-you notes *now*?
Me: Um. Yes.
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