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Things What are Not Single-Serving Things that I Can and Will Absentmindedly Eat an Entire Box (or Sleeve) of at a Single Sitting
1. Thin Mints, y0. You do it too.
2. Goldfish crackers
3. Pretzels
4. Pringles
5. Club crackers, apparently.

(I will add to this later.)

6. Chicken in a Biskit crackers. Oh, how those things are appalling. Oh, how I love them.

Unrelated Rambling
1. It rained. A lot. Right after phonesex, actually. Orgasm, thunderclap, downpour. So if any of you in Atlanta were discommoded by the sudden freakish thunderstorm - um, sorry. My bad.
2. Part of how I know it's Real with docorion: I've been in two LDRs previously, with variable amounts of phone contact. (And keep in mind, I'm usually uncomfy with the phone and simply dislike using it.) Previously, I'd get maybe a ten-minute conversation once every other day, an hourlong one on a weekend, and I was fine. With docorion, we talk for an hour a day... and then I keep wanting to call him back just to talk. It feels very wrong that I can't just turn to him and say, "Oh, dude, look at this article." You know?
3. Lazy afternoon. Kid's eating fruit-in-gel cup and reading a comic. I'm eating Club crackers - well, I was - and I'm about to start reading magazines. I got stuff done (paid bills, did dishes, etc.), I'm entitled.
4. Seriously, no locals want to see Kung Fu Hustle tomorrow? What's up with that?
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