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Odin's Day

Welcome back to returning reader lizardling!

Eyes weird, tremors, wee bit of balance problem, voice regulation. Exhaustion/nausea, as per usual.

Blah blah blah Popecakes
Dude, I post a four-line *eyeroll*, and people go crazy....

Guys? I don't care. He's a Pope. I'm not Catholic. He has no authority over me. My *eyeroll* is because he is an arch-conservative who's enthusiastic about stuff like covering up the priest sexual abuse stuff. Which I view as Not Good For The World. Me? I'm about making the world a better place, so obviously I'm not pleased about this choice - this is the person who's been chosen to head the Catholic church? This is what the Catholic church wants to say about itself?

The Hitler Youth thing? My grandma grew up in Austria, dude. My Jewish grandma. Obviously, as I said in one comment, the Hitler Youth thing is going to be a hot-button topic for me.

But guys? Give up the arguing. I'm not going to argue. Because I don't care. Want me to regurgitate facts? Fine. I can find you links about why this guy is a bad guy. But I'm not engaged in this. Because he is not my religious leader.

I just hope there'll be enough backlash from this guy that they elect a decent person next, is all.

EDIT: And, with half of LJ pointing out the Hitler Youth thing, why is it that it's solely my LJ that people jump on for it? Why do y'all take my LJ more seriously than anyone else's? Newflash: I'm not CNN. I'm just a girl with a computer and an opinion.

Giving and Taking Offense
A few people took offense at that post, which I did find surprising, seeing as it was a simple four-sentence *eyeroll*. To one of them, I said the following:

Well, I'm sorry that you're offended by a throwaway line at the end of one of my posts, dude. I don't know what else I can say or do about that. I'm not going to edit or hypersanitize every sentence I type - to even ponder it is ridiculous. This is not a G-rated journal. People may get offended sometimes. There's nothing I can do about that save bowdlerize every sentence that comes out of my brain, and I don't intend to do so, as that goes against the very purpose of my journal, which is basically a diary.

And people also got offended at another post in which I whined about not having enough money to do stuff I want to do. Even though I said in the post that, having been Really Poor before, I know that I am not Really Poor now - it just sucks that I don't get to do stuff. About five people know what thing I desperately wanted to do and can't - I'm not going into it here, but it was a big thing that meant a lot to me.

Dude... my LJ. I have at times self-censored to preserve the feelings of others, but I can't and won't do that with every line of every post.

I remind you that you are free to not read me.

Do I like it that you do? Well, sure. It's heartening, as a writer, to know that you like my writing style.

But I can't and won't bowdlerize every single line.

Y'all have total defriending amnesty at all times.

As I said later to the same person: Cranky today, and this is my first interaction this morning with anyone other than Adam and Elayna, and I thought this Pope crap was over last night.

I need a chai.

And I need writing time today. Was too tired yesterday to get any.

I have a situation coming up that will make me happy and give me more writing time, but I cannae discuss it yet. But damn, I'm impatient.

Is this the first time I've used this one? For those who haven't seen him before, that's my character Fenris.
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