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I just had the inexplicable urge to retitle my journal "The Last of the Red-Hot Swamis".

Clearly, I need to watch Last Unicorn again at my earliest convenience.

*stretch* Today was good, once I got past the medical fuckery. There was playtime, then naptime, then playtime, then naptime; I think that docorion has figured out that if he wants me to rest, he's got to tire me out first. :)

There was going to be more playtime, but Drama Club was cancelled, so we had to go pick Miss Kid up two hours earlier than anticipated. Such is life.

Elayna has been given three new pieces of sheet music. One of them? Vince Guaraldi, "Linus and Lucy". *snoopydances* I always like it best when she's given music that I know, because then I can really tell how well she's playing.

She's playing really well. :)

I have a bottle of wine that has emus on it. This pleases me.

Also, I am wearing a skirt.

Rest is good for me.

Now I go tidy up in the kitchen.
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