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Tamrani court garb

zarhooie is reading through my entire journal. Ph34r.

And she's sending me links of stuff I might want to memory. Which is good, because that means I get stuff like the following, which I forgot to memory at the time.

Each of the seven great Houses - and, to a lesser extent, the lesser Houses - has very specific formal Court garb. (Yes, I am a pain in the ass as a writer.) The only pics X'Ana's drawn so far of the official formal stuff = male and female Tamrani garb, and male Lhri'nahri. I don't think she ever scanned/posted the formal pic of Ryan, but below are some pics of Julia and Shawn, representing their Houses.

Yes, this'll be important - there is a weight to one's words when one appears in the full formal aspect of the Kithrayna of one's House. Which is why Alanna was full-formal when she disbanded the Talthar Kithrayna - as Jessamyn was as full-formal as she dared when she stood up and declared herself acting Kithraya of House Tamra.

What you can't see in these pics is that each House's formal garb is color-specific; House Tamra's is dark green. House Lhri'nahr's ranges in color from dove-grey to charcoal.

During any meeting of the Talthar Kithrayna, the Kithrayna will be wearing House colors. A casual version of this. The full-formal Court garb comes out only rarely.

A note - she *should* be wearing a skirt, not pants. But she refuses. And hey, she's the Lishaya...

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