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Spam of the day

I just love the utter randomness of the stuff they put at the bottom.

There not much to say that you probably haven't heard before..

We got the original all natural product to help you grow your thing

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[actual spam link excised by 'song]

Within three months of his election, he embarked on the first of the
overseas trips that became such a feature of his papacy. John Paul II
circumnavigated the globe many times over, visiting the world's billion plus
Catholics wherever they were to be found, and occasionally where they
scarcely existed.
Shiite Muslims hold over half the seats in the national congress created by
the election, and they have thus seized the initiative in running that
legislative body. The Kurds, a people who were long oppressed as a minority
ethnic group, hold close to 30 percent of the seats, a number far exceeding
their proportional share of the Iraqi population.

Since then, the governments of Britain, Ireland and the United States have
united in demands for the IRA to disband. They cite the IRA's alleged
mammoth robbery of a Belfast bank and killing of a Catholic man in Belfast
as the most egregious recent examples of unacceptable activities.
"I was very worried today," Federer said. "Especially the first set. I
don't lose sets very often 6-2, so this really shows you that I was
struggling. I think it's got a lot to do with his game. He's left-handed. I
had to get used to that and couldn't quite do it."

"I would like to clearly state that the rules of the game (have) changed in
Ukraine, that the law is working in Ukraine," he said through an
interpreter. "From now on the Ukrainian state, the Ukrainian government are
going to protect your interest."

"It was like someone was taking a squeegee and just pushing the water
forward," said Bertram King, 20, one of about 15 people evacuated from a
homeless shelter in Easton, Pa.
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