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I hate it when there's a thing I'm doing that I need help on, so I need to stop and wait for the other person to do their part. Breaks the momentum. Gets me all itchy-like.

And my office being messy gets me all itchy-like. One thing I want to accomplish this week: Hanging up some of our art. We have tons of framed art, and it's sitting in piles in my office and driving me crazy.

The crazy-making-est thing is the comics organization project, but that will take a while, and doing more than two or three boxes at once fucks with my back. So I need to try to be patient. But I also need to commit to doing at least a box a day, which I haven't been doing because I've been so godsdamned exhausted due to Trileptal and Topamax not playing well together.

If this is indicative of how I'll feel this next week, this energy level, I think I can get a lot done.

...yes, I'm aware that my body is going to say "Girl, you are fucking insane" and shut down on me at some point later today. But I can do stuff til then.
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